Building your own Sauna

A "do it yourself" sauna builder can still get results like a Pro. Here's how.


A sauna party – what’s that?

Read about Dina's story of her first sauna party in Finland and how she now shares the tradition with her friends in Pittsburgh.


What is the best wood for a sauna?

Learn how to select the perfect wood for your custom home sauna.


Choosing accessories for your sauna

Your sauna is your personal refuge of relaxation. The sauna accessories you choose should reflect those sights, sounds, attitudes and comforts that spell perfect relaxation for you.


Better together: Friends and Saunas

Sharing Sauna with friends is one of the most rewarding aspects of the Sauna experience. But in America socializing with friends in a sauna almost never happens. Here are 3 reasons why.


How often and long should I use a sauna?

The two most commonly asked questions are how long and how often. There is no universal answer that works for everyone, but here are some guidelines to help you.


A traditional sauna or infrared sauna?

One of the most frequently asked question about saunas is which one is better, a traditional sauna or infrared. We'll cover both and offer our opinion on the topic.