Building your own Sauna


You can do it!

The DIY (do-it-yourself) phenomena in America is booming. And leaders in the DIY community predict the trend will accelerate in the future. You have probably performed your own DIY project at home.  Perhaps you painted and decorated your living room or installed an interlocking vinyl floor.  You may have saved money by not paying a professional. And didn’t it feel great to do the project on your own?

But what about larger, more expensive projects like that custom home sauna you’ve been dreaming of? Oftentimes hiring an expert Sauna Pro with years of relevant experience is the best course. But there is a way to satisfy the inner carpenter in you and still have the assurance a professional can provide. That way is to find a Sauna Pro who is willing to collaborate with you.

Finding the ideal Sauna Pro

So how do you find this Sauna Pro? Start with an internet search using “custom home saunas” or “sauna installers”. After sorting through the many product ads you’ll find that most sauna installers are one of two types: independent carpenters (who may have never built a sauna), or Pool and Spa shops who sell pre-built saunas to be assembled by their own employees. The key questions to ask any candidate you find are, “can I see pictures of you work and references from previous clients”, and “are you willing to let me participate in the sauna project?” If you don’t get satisfactory answers to both questions keep looking. The ideal candidate should be able to provide excellent reviews and be willing to work along side you.

Can I get that in writing please?

Once you’ve selected your Sauna Pro, formalize your working relationship in a contract. Spell out who will provide what materials and who is responsible for specific tasks on the project. This step will help prevent misunderstandings that can ruin your collaborative effort.

Common mistakes to avoid

  1. Buying a sauna “kit” and sauna heater online, believing you’ve found the lowest cost.  A reputable Sauna Pro with good supplier relationships  get’s the same or better prices than you will find online. If you purchase a heater online you will get no help if your heater needs service down the line. By contrast, your Sauna Pro stands ready to service any heater that he (she) purchases for you..
  2. Hiring a carpenter with no relevant sauna building experience.  Carpenters with no sauna experience see a sauna as a simple wooden box. No problem to build, right? Wrong! An experienced Sauna Pro knows how to avoid problematic moisture, ventilation and bench problems.
  3. Hiring an electrician without sauna heater experience.  Many electricians wire sauna heaters that end up under performing or failing. They think a sauna heater is like any other appliance. It’s not. Hire only a qualified electrician with sauna experience to wire your heater. If you hire a non-qualified electrician – or do the wiring yourself-  your heater warranty becomes void if a repair is ever needed.