Home Saunas Made Just for You.

Start enjoying a healthier and more relaxing life with your own custom-built home sauna.

Let's Build One Together

An innovative and family-owned home sauna company that provides all the services you need to design, deliver and install a home sauna.

We design, deliver and install custom-built home saunas so that you can start enjoying a healthier and more relaxing life year round. Your own home sauna does not have to be a dream, it's in your reach.

A beautifully designed home sauna that is dedicated relaxation. Say goodbye to stress and say hello to warmth and serenity. Bask in the soft light of glowing embers and breathe in the deep aroma of cedar wood without ever having to leave your home.

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Sauna with men and women with text that says live a happier and healthier life

   Live Healthier. Feel Good.

Saunas are a wonderful way to reduce anxiety and stress while promoting relaxation, contentment and peace of mind. They offer many health benefits such as muscle relaxation, detoxification, healthier skin and help with sleep patterns.

Boost Your Longevity

Watch a video by noted expert Dr. Rhonda Patrick on how sauna use may boost longevity.

Our Services

We design and build custom saunas and wine cellars that will delight you, your family, and your guests. We can also bring sauna right to your door with our Mobile Sauna, the perfect entertainment for get togethers with friends and family,  corporate events, or weekend retreats.


Get your own custom sauna built exactly to your specifications so that you can start enjoying a healthier and more relaxing life right in your own home.

Wine Cellars

We will design and build your own custom wine storage room to complement your wine collection and enhance the beauty of your home or establishment.

Mobile Sauna

Perfect for parties or get-aways with friends and family, our mobile wood- burning sauna brings authentic Finnish Sauna right to your door.

Why You'll Love Our Saunas

  • Great Timber

    Warm Timber Saunas are made of only the best cedar. Stable, yet soft and aromatic. Each board is hand selected and knot free for easy maintenance and longevity. The vertical grain benches offer maximum comfort and provide the highest level of beauty, comfort and durability.

  • Beauty and Function

    Every sauna we create is custom-built for beauty and function. Our material quality and craftsmanship will make your sauna a place of beauty that is warm and welcoming. Our attention to every last detail will ensure it functions smoothly, efficiently and is long-lasting.

  • Made for You

    A Warm Timber Sauna is built custom to your needs and requirements. We will help you find the ideal sauna location, suggest the perfect interior layout and recommend an optimal thermal flow for efficient heating. One of a kind, not one-size-fits-all.

What We Believe

At Warm Timber Saunas we believe that the essential importance of Sauna is unquestioned. Our own home saunas are testimony to the vital benefits and enduring pleasure Sauna adds to our daily living. Our goal is to share our love of Sauna with you by building the finest sauna available and also to pass on the culture and traditional practices of Finnish Sauna.

Hear What Our Customers Say

Don't take our word for it, read what some of our customers have to say about our work. It's said that you are only as good as your last job and we take that seriously.

  • John

    Warm Timber made my 20 year wine cellar dream a reality. A perfect compliment to our home - now my wines sleep in perfect comfort and style!

    Get a wine cellar like John  
    A 20 year dream come true
  • Beth and Tom

    We couldn't be more pleased with the results. The installation process was professional, speedy and stress-free. Great place to relax, unwind, and talk to our four kids without the distractions of technology.

    Get a home sauna like Beth and Tom  
    Wonderful addition to our home and family
  • Damon

    From the boards and heater to the lighting and atmosphere, every aspect of the sauna was taken into consideration and perfectly constructed. Words can't describe how thankful I am for John's ability to understand my needs and transform them into a beautiful home sauna.

    Get a home sauna like Damon  
    Creating the perfect basement hideaway