Squirrel Hill, PA

Home Gym Suite

Completed 2017

Project Overview

Adding a sauna to your home gym is no sweat!

The client renovated a contemporary home in Squirrel Hill and wanted a sauna and a workout room in the lower level. The lower level has a long hallway with several adjacent rooms including a bedroom with bath and linen closet converted into a gym, a trunk room and an HVAC room. All three rooms had separate entrance doors into the hallway but no rooms were connected to each other.

Our solution was to break through the linen closet thereby creating a passageway from the gym/bath to the old trunk room. We then sealed off the hallway door into the old trunk room and created a multi level custom sauna inside. The finished product is the ideal suite for exercise and relaxation.

James T.
Squirrel Hill, PA

Step up for relaxation in this multi level sauna room

The entrance to this multi-level sauna is through an old linen closet at floor level. The next step is up onto a platform covered by hickory vinyl flooring. Then, past the protected stainless steel heater, take two more steps to the lower and upper cedar benches for maximum warmth and relaxation.

John went above and beyond – tremendous service, personal and kind, and on time, on budget! Being a first time sauna owner, John even provided me with a tutorial to ensure my comfort in using the sauna once his work was completed.

- James T.