Valencia, PA

Sauna Under The Stars

Completed 2022

Project Overview

Bringing Dreamland to Light

The mission of our client was to transform an unused basement room into a family retreat for total relaxation. We started by installing a large HUUM Hive heater to achieve a natural, exposed-stone look and 200 degree plus warming capability. Next we created a spacious upper bench complete with an integral back rest for leaning back into the heat, and additional “L” shaped lower benches to accommodate visitors and friends. Up above, the ceiling is a canopy of star lights! These hand-embedded fiber-optic light strands, can be set to any colors that match the desired mood. The final touch is indirect LED lighting under the lower benches to illuminate the floor and add ambiance to the sauna.

John P.
Valencia, PA

Hot Rocks Rock

This HUUM Hive heater is imported from Estonia. The Hive's massive rock bed provides maximum thermal penetration into the sauna, not just rising up from the top, but also emanating from all sides. The cylindrical protective halo adds a contemporary touch and safety from incidental contact with the heater.

Lighting The Way

Calm, white LED lighting, hidden beneath the lower benches, gives just enough light to illuminate the walking path into the sauna. The downward direction of light causes minimal distraction from the featured canopy of colored lights above. An integral full length backrest adorns the upper bench.

A Window To Relaxation

The all cedar facade announces the Sauna, surrounding the all glass door which frames stunning views of the interior space. The ceiling Star Lights can be programmed to a single color, or rotate across a full spectrum of hues for the client to enjoy all the benefits of Chromotherapy.