Choosing accessories for your sauna


Set the mood

Choosing the right lighting helps set the mood of your sauna. If you want a bright, open feel you probably want one or more vapor lock ceiling lights to illuminate the room. For a quieter and more muted atmosphere choose a single wall mounted light with a removable cedar lampshade. Some people find that slowly rotating colored LED lights (chromotherapy) promotes a deep sense of relaxation. Custom fitted chromotherapy light sets can be added into the sauna ceiling for this effect.

Personalize your bench space

How do you most enjoy Sauna; sitting on the bench or lying down? Or both? If you are primarily going to sit then consider horizontal or tilted back rests to protect your sauna walls from sweat staining over time. You might also choose to add vertical skirting panels in the open space between the upper and lower benches for back support. If instead you will primarily lying down you should design the benches to be wider (24”) and include portable head rests for head support or for elevation behind your knees.

Protection from discomfort

Saunas get really hot, especially on the upper benches. The highest point of your body in the sauna when seated on the upper bench is your head. Sometimes the small vessels in your earlobes will begin to sting if uncovered. Consider wearing a felt sauna hat over your head. Lots of cool sauna hats are available to help you make a fashion statement! Also have a bucket of cool water and a washcloth handy if your nostrils begin to sting. Breathing through a moistened cloth will help. If your sauna heater is close to any benches obtaining a protective wooden fence around the heater will protect you from accidental burns.

Personal touches

Interior accessories add style and utility to your sauna. A bucket and ladle are a must for those who like to add humidity to the sauna by ladling water on the sauna rocks. Wood and stainless steel versions are available. (Careful, steel gets hot!) Attractive wooden wall thermometers and hygrometers help you determine the heat and humidity in your sauna. Wooden wall clocks and sand timers can help you keep track of time in the sauna.( Cell phones and wristwatches aren’t a good idea in the sauna.)

Pamper your senses

Many traditional sauna lovers prefer quiet and the smell of cedar walls in the sauna. However you can introduce music and various aromas to create your favorite atmosphere of relaxation. Heat resistant audio transducers are available to mount onto sauna walls to bring the sound and vibrations of your favorite music into the very walls of your sauna. You can also have interior speakers mounted into the walls to bring in sounds from your in-home stereo system, MP3 player or other audio devices. Caution; plastic heater covers should be placed low in the sauna so they don’t give off toxic smells at high temperatures. We always check with manufacturers heat tolerance specs before installation. A final touch of atmosphere is satisfying your senses with various aromas like eucalyptus, pine scent, lavender, citrus, etc. These aromas come in the form of essential oils and can be diluted in water and ladled onto sauna rocks to create a pleasing aroma. Caution: undiluted oils when added to hot sauna rocks can ignite and start a fire. Follow all manufacturer dilution ratios strictly.

Before creating your dream home sauna review this list and talk with a sauna specialist about what combination of accessories can help make your sauna the perfect refuge of relaxation.